Classroom Project: Animation

Using GoAnimate4Schools

There’s nothing quite like animation and cartoons for getting students engaged in the classroom, even when the subject matter itself is complex and technical in nature. With a free teacher account from GoAnimate4Schools, you can tap into a growing database of educational materials that were created by instructors from around the world, and that focus on using animation in the classroom.

With a single teacher account you get unlimited access to all GoAnimate4Schools features, and also post animations to a public gallery. Once you’ve registered and logged onto your account, let your students get familiar with the site by creating a free animation of up to two minutes in length.

Here are the steps that your students will take:

  1. Select one of the site’s preformatted template designs
  2. Choose one or more characters from the options provided by the site, and/or upload personal images to use as characters
  3. Upload a photograph of the student’s own face to place over a character (for a comical touch)
  4. Choose a background for the animation (the site offers various options)
  5. Create speech bubbles that will be used to make the characters speak
  6. Add audio to the shows by uploading music or use the site’s text-to-voice and voice recording capabilities
  7. Upload the finished product to a public gallery, and share it across various social networking platforms directly from GoAnimate

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